Monday, June 13, 2011

Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010)

Tucker & Dale are on vacation at their dilapidated mountain cabin when they are attacked by a group of preppy college kids.

I had no expectations going into the movie but I can honestly say I haven't laughed out loud at anything else like I did with this one in a long time. The combo of Alan Tudyk (Tucker) and Tyler Labine (Dale) was as good as it gets. They played their characters without missing a beat.

Dale's crush, Ali (Katrina Bowden), played her part pretty well too, but left a little to be desired. All in all I was pleasantly surprised. The rest of the cast was as expected. Shotty, first-time or small-time actors that finally got the chance to play a role with some decent stars in a B-movie that just might get them some publicity.


I realize this movie never made it to theaters, but I honestly can't understand why. If the budget was as low as I think, this should have been in theaters for sure. The movie definitely gets a thumbs up for the comedy in it. Tudyk was great just like he is in all of his roles, and Labine never let me down once. I've been a fan of his since "Reaper" and I'm just glad to see him working again.

I really think that this is one of the better comedy films I've seen over the last couple years. If you're looking for some comedy and a lot of guts and gore, this is definitely your flick.


Have you seen it? If so, what's your opinion?


  1. havent seen the movie yet, but i've watched a trailer and it looks cool :)

  2. haven't seen it yet but i looks pretty good

  3. Looks like a fun movie to watch with a girlfriend. :D

  4. This movie is great. It's the Shaun of the Dead for this generation, even though SotD is only like six years old.

  5. Guts and laughs? Definitely my type of combo!

  6. looks like a fun movie to watch =D